Social Login to TYPO3 (sociallogin2t3)

The extension “sociallogin2t3″ is a social media login tool for logging into the front-end of TYPO3 with social media accounts from Facebook, Hyves, Twitter and LinkedIn based on OAuth authentication. It was developed by Ron Schoellmann and Joost van Berckel for the Dutch trade union CNV (Christelijk Nationaal Vakverbond).

User data will be imported/ updated to table fe_users. User will be logged in as FE user.

Link to the Typo3 Repository:


Server requirements:

  • PHP>=5.2
  • libcurl package for PHP

User requirements

  • Cookies activated

Here is how to use it:

  • Create an application for each service provider login (Facebook, Hyves, Twitter, Linkedin are possible) that you want to include. Don’t worry, no coding necessary here, you just need some numbers (consumer key or app id and the consumer secret).
    Links to service providers:
  • Install extension sociallogin2t3 through TYPO3 Extension Manager
  • Include static template “Social Login to TYPO3 (sociallogin2t3)” in your page template:
    Template > Info/Modify > “Edit the whole template record” > Includes > “Include static (from extensions)” > Select  “Social Login to TYPO3 (sociallogin2t3)”
  • Use Template > Constant Editor > SOCIALLOGIN2T3 to enter user storage page, group id, keys and secrets where needed. The fields should be self-explanatory.
  • Insert the plugin on whatever page you want the login/ logout buttons to appear
  • Don’t use it in conjunction with ext facebook2t3 on the same page
  • Apply styling as necessary to “div.tx-sociallogin2t3-pi1” and possible children elements (there is a class for every button)
  • Check for demo on
  • Check here for discussion

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