Facebook Connect to TYPO3 (facebook2t3)

TYPO3 extension to let users connect to their Facebook account and import data to fe_users. User will be logged in as FE user and a Facebook logout button will appear instead of the login button.

Link to the TYPO3 Repository: https://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/facebook2t3/current/


Server requirements:

  • PHP>=5.2
  • libcurl package for PHP

Here is how to use it:

  • Create a Facebook application at http://developers.facebook.com/ (don’t worry, no coding necessary here, you just need some numbers and you have to type in your web site url in the core settings) and copy the application id and secret
  • Install extension facebook2t3 through TYPO3 Extension Manager
  • Include static template “Facebook Connect to TYPO3 (facebook2t3)” in your page template:
    Template > Info/Modify > “Edit the whole template record” > Includes > “Include static (from extensions)” > Select “Facebook Connect to TYPO3 (facebook2t3)”
  • Use Template > Constant Editor > FACEBOOK2T3 to enter user storage page, group id, Facebook application id, Facebook secret and fields as described in the constant editor
  • Insert the plugin on whatever page you want the login/ logout button to appear
  • Don’t use it in conjunction with ext sociallogin2t3 on the same page
  • Apply styling as necessary to “div.tx-facebook2t3-pi1” and possible children elements
  • Check here for discussion


How to import the email address from Facebook?

Just add “email” to constants via Constant Editor or typoscript. Here is an example:

plugin.tx_facebook2t3_pi1 {

facebookFields4Perms = email, name, first_name, last_name, link, gender, email
facebookFields4Fetch = email, name, first_name, last_name, link, gender, email
fe_usersFields = username, name, tx_facebook2t3_first_name, tx_facebook2t3_last_name, tx_facebook2t3_link, tx_facebook2t3_gender, email


In this case the email address is imported twice into table fe_users: as username and email.

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